Congratulations, your home is SOLD…now what?

The buyer has removed their conditions, your transaction firm and you are ready to pack for your move but hmmm, you feel like there might be other things to do to prepare for possession day…

No worries, I have you covered here! Yes, there are a few to-dos when moving so let’s break it down:

  • Book a moving company first
  • Call your insurance company to arrange or cancel insurance and update your information. Very important: Make sure your cancelation matches your possession date.
  • Disconnect your utilities: electricity, gas, water and sewer for your possession date. Even if you move out sooner, do not disconnect heat and electrical until your possession date.
  • Connect with your services providers such as phone, cable and internet
  • Register your change of address with Canada post

About a week prior to your possession date, you will need to meet with your lawyer in order to sign all the documents related to your home purchase (mortgage discharge, land transfer, etc.), and to collect the information needed to transfer the sale proceed to your bank account. If you have purchased another home, your lawyer will look after the details involved to transfer the funds from one transaction to another as well as handle your new mortgage documents, if appliable. In this digital age, most lawyers have the option of meeting virtually, streamlining the process even more and allowing you to close your transaction from the comfort of your living room. And as much as you might want to utilize a friend or family member who may be a lawyer, I would recommend having a qualified, real estate lawyer representing you in your closing.

Most of the time you will have at least 30 days between the time your sale becomes firm and your possession date. You will be very busy packing and planning during this time and I am here for you along the way. Regardless of what you face during your seller journey, I am here and through my strategic alliances, I offer you reliable and professional contacts in both French and English. With local lawyers, movers, mortgage brokers, appraisers and other skilled experts to help you find, secure and coordinate all the services you need to sell your home…let me make your part a whole lot easier. Visit me on Facebook and Google!