Looking Ahead to 2023

2022 is quickly coming to an end and I’m so grateful for my family, friends and clients who helped make it such an amazing year. I’m also so excited for what 2023 will bring and so is Macleans who released their annual look at the year ahead with their Guide to 2023 – The people, places, events and ideas that will define the year ahead.

The anticipated yearly read features the top 10 stories for 2023 in a variety of categories from Science and Technology to Food and Culture touching on society trends and predictions for real estate in the coming year. Here are some the highlights…

Drones will revolutionize commercial delivery. Test flights have already begun and implementation plans have launched so you might see this service in your area sooner rather than later.

Albertans will zip to work on magnets. The long talked-about high-speed hyperloop is finally coming to connect Calgary to Edmonton. 45 minutes and costing 44% less than an airfare, it will be fully operational by 2027.

More households will need granny suites. Known as secondary suites here, more homeowners are retrofitting their homes to include areas for the whole family. With an aging population and rising cost of living, a new federal tax credit was introduced last year to help owners with the transition.

House prices will fall, but rents will rise. Even more incentive to get in to the housing market or add to your revenue property portfolio!

We’ll harvest dinner in our own backyards. Urban agriculture is on the rise with new products and access to city-grown products becoming easier and more cost-effective. Creating community gardens or even adding some raised beds for growing in your own yard is on trend for the coming year.

There will be more flight choices. Canada hasn’t historically had much competition in the airspace but the introduction of low-cost and no-frills airlines like Lynx Air, Swoop and Canada Jetlines will make it less expensive to take that getaway.

Checkups with a hologram will become the norm. Using a device similar to virtual reality headsets, you will be able to see your doctor for a check-up from where ever you might be. NASA even used the tech to send a hologram doctor to visit the astronauts on the International Space station.

Read the full article here and I wish you the happiest of New Years, however you celebrate!