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April 17,24

Navigating Calgary’s Spring Real Estate Boom

As the snow melts away and flowers begin to bloom, a new season emerges in Calgary: spring. But beyond the changing weather, spring heralds the busiest time in the city's real estate market. For both buyers and sellers, navigating this bustling period comes with its…

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January 16,24

Monthly Community Highlight: Dalhousie

Nestled in the northwest quadrant of Calgary, the community of Dalhousie stands as a testament to the charm and convenience that characterize the city's neighborhoods. With its well-established infrastructure, proximity to amenities, and a strong sense of community, Dalhousie has become a sought-after residential area…

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December 22,23

How the Buyer Representation Agreement Benefits You

In today’s dynamic real estate market, navigating the complexities of buying a home demands a strategic approach. One indispensable tool that empowers homebuyers in this process is the Buyer Representation Agreement (BRA). Mandatory since 2014, the BRA not only safeguards the interests of the buyer…

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December 12,23

Buying a new build

Buying a brand-new home is an exciting adventure! There are many differences to keep in mind when purchasing a new build versus a pre-owned home and my latest blog covers the whole process from start to finish so you can avoid all the pitfalls. The…

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July 14,23

Buying a Home “As-Is” – Foreclosures and More

Buying a home “as-is” can be very tempting, especially in a seller’s market like Calgary is currently experiencing. Low supply and the price point can be factors that drive people to these kinds of properties. A CREA blog covers the risks and rewards of buying…

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June 20,23

Condo Board Questions to Ask

Condos are a popular first step into homeownership and desired by seniors looking for low-maintenance living. Purchasing a condo is quite different than if you were buying a single-family home and there are some questions you will want answers to before you finalize your purchase.…

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April 25,23

Negotiation Secrets

Negotiation is truly an art and not everyone has a knack for it. Having a well-rounded agent – who is not afraid to get into the negotiation arena – is so important whether you are on the buying or selling side. In the over 30…

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April 14,23

Tips to save for your home purchase

Saving up for a home can feel daunting, but with a solid plan you will most certainly reach your goal of homeownership. Here are some strategies I’ve picked up that have helped many of my buyers build up the down-payment for their first home… Build…

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March 9,23

Presenting an Offer in a Seller’s Market

There is no question that we are in a seller’s market right now. I’ve mentioned many times lately how the offers I’ve been dealing with, both on the seller and buyer side, have been multiple offer situations with homes selling $20,000-50,000 + over the asking…

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January 6,23

Rent to own fails

Have you ever heard of a rent to own agreement? An agreement between the tenant and the homeowner stating that a portion of the monthly rent is credited toward the future purchase of the property when the lease ends, typically 1-5 years. The arrangement might…

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