A Real Estate Professional Can Save You Money

The real estate market is hot, you are ready to sell and of course you want to save as much money as possible in the process. It can be tempting to try to save on real estate fees by going the for sale by owner route however many people don’t realize that selling a home is a complicated, time-consuming process.

With numerous factors to consider such as open houses, advertising, pricing, negotiating and handling the numerous kinds of inquiries, it can be very exhausting and even worse – unfruitful. So many homeowners report the familiar grief after an open house: “I got lots of people, but most were just looking.” “They wanted it for a song.” But there are other reasons sellers benefit from working with a real estate professional:

  • Not working full time as a professional in the real estate market puts a seller at a disadvantage when it comes to pricing which is so important from the get go. Without correct pricing, a seller is at times forced to reduce the price and may have to accept less money than if they had priced right from the start. A property depreciates the longer it is on the market. I ensure you get the most current market stats with a thorough market analysis report to guarantee your home is in a solid position to sell fast and for top dollar.
  • A new listing is hot! Many sellers fail to take advantage of the excitement by limiting the market to their immediate contacts and social media advertising. I have a selling system, constantly tested and improved, which includes 24 hour a day advertising until sold – exposing your home to the largest pool of qualified buyers possible.
  • Predatory buyers are another risk to for sale by owner sellers. Two of the most common people who prey on these listings are:
  • Investors/bargain hunters: these people tend to try to capitalize on a seller’s lack of market knowledge and negotiating experience to score their next deal. Without an agent representing the sellers they expect to pay substantial less.
  • Unqualified buyers: some with financial difficulties approach for sale by owners for seller financing or rent to own agreements…I’ve yet to see a rent to own go well and generally a seller will want to pull as much equity out of the property as possible to be able to move on with their next home.

I ensure only prospects who can qualify are introduced to your home eliminating the hassle of “lookers” and non-serious buyers, and reduces the chance of strangers who may have activities in mind other than buying a house will come.

  • It is a lot of work to manage a listing, a minimum of 80 hours without a guaranteed result. Not to mention out-of-pocket expenses like advertising, lawn signs, etc. the details are endless and I’m available in both peak and off-hours. Let me take care of the details from the first step of marketing to the final sale…so you can get on with your life!

We all have our skills and real estate is mine. Let me save you time and money, I would love to sit down for a coffee with you to discuss your options – at no obligation. Visit me on Facebook and Google!