Calgary Home Sellers Guide

Selling a home in Calgary and surrounding area

Selling your home is a complex, multi-step process that calls for the expertise of a REALTOR®. There are many things you’ll need to consider, and to help you through it, here’s a general overview on what to expect and prepare for.


A Real Property Report (RPR) – When you originally purchased your property, this is an expensive piece of paper that you should have gotten from the seller as it is part of all Alberta Real Estate Association offers to purchase.

This is the survey document that shows the outline of your home, your yard, where your fence is and any utilities in the ground around your home. If you have an existing one, get that updated by the same survey company, and if you cannot find yours, then you will need to order a new one. Please make sure you talk to me first as it is something I can assist you with.


Condominium Documents – As a Calgary condo owner, it is the responsibility of the seller to provide a complete list of all the condo documents available for your building. You will need to order these from your condo management company if you don’t have a complete package. Looking at condo documents can be very overwhelming and time consuming as they are thousands of pages to review.  Not to worry, I’ve got your back! This is another one of my services. I will review all your condo documents and will provide you with a list of what you need to order and what you have.

Mortgage payout penalty – Please call your mortgage company and ask what your payout penalty is. Even if you plan on upgrading and porting over your mortgage to your new home, this is important to know as payout penalties can be substantial. This is definitely an expense you will want to know upfront as it will affect your bottom line. In order to avoid any “he said, she said”, I would highly recommend you get this information in writing from your bank…emails are a wonderful invention.



“I am here to give you a 5-star experience,

protect you and make your

real estate experience memorable”




You and I have the same goal! To sell your home for the most money possible in the least amount of time!

I understand it can be exhausting for anyone to keep a home “ready to show” for an extended period of time. Even more so when you have little children or a demanding career. The good news is I have a proven system that will help reduce the time your property sits on the market and the period of time in which you have to keep your home staged to perfection.

Setting the “Right Price” and getting your home ready

Selling your home starts with setting the correct selling price. Through a careful examination of recent real estate sales data and an intuitive understanding of market conditions, I can help determine the right price for your property! At the end of the day, the right price will help ensure higher offers, more qualified buyers, more exposure and a quicker sale! Setting the right price will save you both time and money.

We will also discuss together the advantage of doing upgrades/renovations versus selling your home as is. Very often, the smallest little touch up can make a huge difference – always keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint goes a long way and is the cheapest way to give your home a lift.

Last but certainly not the least, I will guide you with the staging of your home for no additional cost as a part of the many services I provide.

Marketing and promotion

Once you have signed a listing agreement, this will give me permission to post your property on the MLS® System, on my personal website and multimedia platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.).

And before I get to sharing your listing to the world, I will make sure your home is staged prior to ordering professional photographs, virtual tours and professional measurements.

On top of all of this, benefit from double the marketing as I promote ALL my listings to both the English and French-speaking communities.

Reviewing offers and negotiations

Depending on the kind of market we’re in, you may get one offer or you may get 10 offers. Together, we will review each offer. I will explain in great detail the legality of each term and condition in order for you to accept the most suitable offer for your family needs – with your best interest always in mind.

Depending on the terms and conditions in the offer to purchase, it is important for you to understand that the highest offer may not necessarily be the best one!

Congratulations, your home is now SOLD! What now?

About a week prior to your possession date, you will need to meet with your lawyer in order to sign the land transfer and have the money from the sale of your home transferred to your bank account.

In the meantime, if you have purchased another home, your lawyer will look after all the details involved to transfer the funds from one transaction to the other as well as all your mortgage documents if you have applied for a new mortgage.

Much is going on with transfer of funds, mortgage registration, land transfer, etc. This is why I always recommend having a real estate lawyer looking after your closing versus your best friend, for example, who might be a family lawyer.

Waiting for your moving date

Most of the time you will have at least 30 days between the time your sale became a “firm sale” and your possession date.

During this time, you will be very busy packing your home and the next few weeks might be a bit overwhelming.  This will also be the time for you to call your moving company as soon as possible to book your moving date. Once the moving truck is booked, your next calls should be to your home insurance company, utility providers like gas, electricity, phone, internet, cable etc. as well as Canada Post for your change of address.

Through my strategic alliances, I offer you reliable and professional contacts, in both French and English with local lawyers, movers, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and other skilled experts to help you and your family with your transition. I will help you coordinate all required services and want you to feel confident knowing everything will go smooth from start to finish!

Drum roll please…

Time to do the “happy dance” and call everyone you know because you did it. Congratulations, you just SOLD your home for TOP dollar only in a few weeks!


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