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I like to think my approach is simple: I’m a real person. I have a house, a mortgage, 2 daughters, and I pay bills just like you do. Calgary has been my home for over 30 years, and I am proud to say that I enjoy keeping my fingers on the pulse of the real estate market and providing valuable market insight to all my past and future clients.

Being a full time real estate agent for over 30 years has allowed me to see markets go up and down. I have successfully worked through booms and recessions, and as such, I am extremely qualified and knowledgeable when it comes to prices and negotiations.

As a seasoned negotiator, you can trust that I will fight for you to get the best deal. My knowledge of the real estate market, understanding of contract laws and negotiating skills will ensure that your interests are never compromised. I will leave no stone unturned in providing you with the best service from start to finish, and I make the commitment to never take more clients than I can personally and effectively serve.

I truly understand the concept of moving, buying and selling – originally from France, I have also lived in Africa and immigrated to Calgary in 1989. I have served clients in both French and English, and am very involved in the African French, French Parisian and French Canadian communities. A lifetime spent travelling has allowed me to embrace many different cultures, backgrounds and customs.

I understand that you need to get top dollar from the sale of your home in order to be able to move on to the next one, just like I would. I understand that you want simple, no-nonsense information about the Calgary real estate market and what your home is worth. I understand the aggravation of driving the dog and kids around the city while people look at your home. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell, I understand that you need guidance and protection in order to maximize your investment, just like I would. Over the last 30 years, by treating people exactly the way I would like to be treated, I have earned the trust of thousands of clients. My services have been recommended to parents, children, grandparents and friends everywhere, which speaks volumes.

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It’s not difficult to be dedicated to your job and to become an expert in your field when you’re passionate about what you do. l love to please people, I love real estate and can honestly say that becoming a realtor in 1993 is the best choice of career I could have ever made. My expertise, knowledge and passion for the public and real estate is reflected in my involvement with the Calgary Real Estate Board in the Investigation and Education committees. I am here to give a 5-star experience, to protect you and make your real estate experience memorable.

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