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Nadine has been my realtor for years and through numerous real estate transactions and I am always so happy to work with her! She gives great advice, and has always helped me to get top dollar for my properties when selling. On the buying side, she is a strong negotiator and ensures that we get the best deal possible. I would recommend Nadine to anyone looking to buy or sell!

Whitney Gauthier

Nadine is a strong negotiator and ensures that we get the best deal possible

5-star Google review

(Translated by Google) “**Nadine is exceptional!** She listened to our needs, always available and flexible. Her dedication is remarkable, and she was able to reassure us throughout the process, even when we were away. We give her **5 stars** without hesitation for her professionalism and attention to detail.” I will definitely recommend Nadine to all my friends, she is a rare gem!

Frederic Cote

I will definitely recommend Nadine to all my friends, she is a rare gem

5-star Google review

(Translated by Google) If I could give 10 stars it would be without hesitation. Nadine really listens and was able to guide us to make our project a reality. She is always available and gave us good advice.

Josoa Ramamonjisoa



If I could give 10 stars it would be without hesitation

5-star Google review

(Translated by Google) Nadine is very professional and knows her work well! She listens and is always available! Thank you Nadine for your work! Quality and careful work. Nadine is responsive and that’s what we need in the world of real estate!

Mirana Rakotoarisoa

Nadine is responsive and that’s what we need in the world of real estate

5-star Google review

I have been dealing with Nadine since 2006. I have dealt with her for the purchase of my first house, the purchase of my condo, and the sale of both.

Additionally, I have used her, to relocation from Alberta back to Québec, where I had also dealt the purchase of this house.
She is a dedicated professional, with a #1 priority, to have customer satisfaction. Our 2 sales, have occurred within the first few days of hitting the market, and both above asking price!!!

I recommend her for anyone looking at buying for the first time, relocation, sale and well she is Bilingual. Merci Nadine 🙂

Jonathan Morin

2 sales were within days and both above asking price!

5-star Google review

I have known Nadine for more than 22 years and have had the pleasure of having her take charge during the buying and selling of our two homes and two investment properties. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small deal, you will be treated like it’s a million dollar sale. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Your best interest is always her goal. Once you experience her care and attention you’ll probably become friends for life like we did. Thanks Nadine!

Larry Sawatzky

Your best interest is always her goal

5-star Google review

Working with Nadine was simply awesome! She is very knowledgeable about the Calgary market. In this very competitive environment, she’s quick and efficient. Nadine found great spots, drove us all around the city, gave her honest opinion and advocated on our behalf with the seller. She also answered all our questions (a lot of them!) and guided us through all the buying process. She did an amazing job and, cherry on top of the cake, she is the sweetest person in the world. We truly recommend Nadine and will be using her services again!

Gisella Prado

In this very competitive environment, she’s quick and efficient

5-star Google review

(Translated by Google) When Nadine tells you that she is there for you, she gets involved with all her energy and her heart. She won’t let you down. She will do everything in her power to ensure that you have the best for your future haven of peace.


Nadine is there with all her energy and heart

5-star Google review

(Translated by Google) We recommend, excellent work and very professional. We were at a distance and she managed the file very well. THANKS!
Keven Telmosse

Excellent work and very professional for this relocation

5-star Google review

Nadine has been our trusted agent for years and she always delivers the highest level of knowledge and commitment. On top of that, she combines her wonderful intuition to guide us, especially when it comes to bidding offers situations. We cannot recommend Nadine enough!

Giulia Correia

Multiple offer intuition and highest level of knowledge

5-star Google review

(Translated by Google) A big thank you Nadine for this project carried out smoothly, in record time! Very professional, perfectly mastering the subject and always giving good advice, you immediately knew how to target the properties corresponding to our criteria. High quality work throughout the process and always with your good humor. Don’t change anything Nadine you are awesome.
Amelia Brachemi

Transaction perfectly mastered – don’t change anything Nadine!

5-star Google review

(Translated by Google) In March 2023, we invested in our first rental home in Calgary. Nadine’s patience and advice allowed us to be able to invest in our price range and buy a duplex with the possibility of much higher rent than we originally thought. Being able to communicate in French, Nadine’s experience in selling, buying and renting real estate allowed us to navigate a crazy real estate market and maximize our investment in record time.

If you are looking for an honest, dedicated, patient and very experienced real estate agent/broker, without any hesitation, we recommend Nadine Faule. My wife and I are so happy with the return on our investment that we are already thinking about investing in our second rental home.

Thank you Nadine and see you very soon for our second home!

Nouredine Bessalah

First time investor so happy with return on investment already

5-star Google review

Nadine took the time to really understand my needs and found the perfect spot for me. I really appreciate her responsiveness and flexibility for show times. She found the perfect townhouse for me. She always there for you, even after I signed, she called me to make sure I was ok and understood all the process. She’s the best. I had a great experience.

Celine Gomis

Loved the responsive and flexible service

5 star Google review

Top-notch realtor professional! Nadine Faule did a fantastic job; she was quick and efficient to sell my townhouse unit. I am fortunate Nadine is not only professional at what she does but also dependable. The experience from beginning to end was fantastic every step of the way (Literally, I live in a 4 Level Split). Nadine is a real estate expert and will give you an honest opinion. The customer service exceeded my expectations. Nadine answered all my questions as well as made recommendations and took the time to explain everything in detail. I would recommend Nadine Faule to anyone looking for a realtor to sell their residential property or interested in buying a residential property.

Lytasha Bastine

25-years a client, loves top-notch service

5-star Google review

Nadine is wonderful to work with!! She is great at responding promptly , honest and up to date with the current market to assist in both selling and buying residential property. Nadine tells it as it is, rather than promising unobtainable dreams to get your business.

I believe Nadine works hard to achieving the best outcome for her clients. She is a ray of sunshine to be around. She has not only been our realtor since we sold our first home 16 years ago and a few a long the way. But we trust her to take our son along the journey of purchasing his first home now as well.

Nadine doesn’t just become your realtor. She becomes a family friend.

Danielle Cruickshank


Wonderful to work with, we trust her says 16 year client

5-star Google review

Nadine has been a great pillar to me on the process of buying my first property. She answered my questions, was very reactive and professional. She’s definitely knowledgeable on the market and knows the tricks! Thank you very much for helping me achieving my dream!

Amandine Lemesle

Knowledgeable on the market and knows the tricks says this first time buyer

5-star Google review

(Translated by Google) I can say we received royal treatment from start to finish.

From our first exchanges in Quebec, Nadine made herself available without hesitation to carry out our research and understood our need to find a living space for our young daughter who was leaving Quebec to settle alone in Calgary for her university studies.

Nadine took charge of our daughter, Amélie, like her own daughter and found the ideal nest for us. Her dedication, her flexibility to the point that she reorganized her schedule to accommodate us, allowed us to target our choices and make the most of our visits to the four corners of the city.

Nadine accompanied us from A to Z, even after our return to Quebec. Leaving Amélie (our daughter) behind us, we were confident that Nadine’s dedication would facilitate the signatures with the lawyer and the crucial steps until taking possession of the residence.

Nadine’s bilingualism is another considerable asset. Having Nadine by our side also removed the language barrier. Nadine took the time to explain to us the official documents that needed to be signed, the legal terms in English which can sometimes be scary.

Nadine’s experience, professionalism and dedication are exemplary. Without hesitation, I intend to recommend Nadine to my family, acquaintances and friends. By the way, we also intend to sell Amélie’s apartment as soon as she finishes university, Nadine is of course our first choice.

Nadine, once again, thank you for your remarkable help 🙂

Josee Dube

Exemplary experience, professionalism and dedication for this buyer

Google review

In 2016, I was in search of a new place to live and it had to be near Calgary and in the country. I reached out to Nadine Faule, finding her name in the francophone newspaper of Canmore.

As soon as we chatted on the phone, we did really connect the both us to reach my goal. She has been a great listener, a companion, a professional guide . All of these qualities got me a nice house/home that I live in for the last 6 years.

She had told me that the house needed a lot of TLC and I agreed with it.

She even suggested key people to help me for some renovations of the future.

Thank you Nadine!

Lise Couture

Nadine is a great listener and professional guide – 5 stars

In 2016, I was in search of a new place to live and it had to be near Calgary and in the country. I reached out to Nadine Faule, finding her name in the francophone newspaper of Canmore. As soon as we chatted on the phone, we did really connect the both us to reach […]

Nadine gives top notch service; would highly recommend! We had a great experience with her assisting in our relocation to the Calgary area and landing a fantastic home in a competitive market.

In addition to sharing her knowledge & experience in real estate, she is kind and personable and took the time to get to know us to determine what we were truly looking for in a home. She consistently made herself available (especially appreciated on short notice when a great listing pops up and time is of the essence!), and went above & beyond to explore the issues that mattered to us, always advocating on our behalf. Thanks again Nadine!!

K & J Molzan

Top notch service for this relocation

Google review

Having Nadine on my side as my real estate professional to help with my 1st selling process proved to be invaluable. Nadine’s experience and knowledge of her profession facilitated quick sale of the property. Nadine was always at the ready to answer questions and be my guide. I do recommend Nadine as your real estate professional.

Michelle Myers

Invaluable help for estate sale

Google review

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the impact that Nadine has had on my family. For over 20 years she has been my real estate advisor for multiple purchases and has become one of my closest friends and confidants. I’ve never met anyone who so genuinely cares for her clients and their best interests, is not afraid to be honest and have the hard conversations that often come with a sale. She is so authentic, will always tell it like it is, and you know that she wants nothing but the best for you. She is an expert and has an amazing ability to use her 30+ years in the business to accurately predict every turn of the transaction. She anticipated everything and used that to make recommendations to me that put me in the best position. She worked tirelessly to make sure that everything was perfect during my recent sale and the support she gave me through the whole process meant the world. I knew everything would be okay because I have Nadine on my side. So, if you need an agent that is truly in it for her passion for people who will actually put you and your needs above all else then call Nadine. She will take care of you like family and my son & I are blessed to be a part of her extended family of thrilled clients. Thanks Nadine!!

Andrea Gibson

Nadine genuinely cares for her clients and their best interests

Google review

I’ve been working with Nadine for more than a decade and I have to say there are many great adjectives that apply to her.
Nadine is extremely knowledgeable and knows the real estate industry «comme sa poche »! She is very professional, energetic, determined, dedicated, assertive, optimistic, organized, efficient, caring, intuitive…. and fun.
When Nadine takes care of you she accompanies you from A to Z and beyond.
When I was ready to buy my house, Nadine put a lot of heart into advising me on the house that would suit me the best. I was very nervous and anxious and she encouraged and guided me, finding the right words and explaining things at length to reassure me.
The home I purchased 12 years ago was and still remains perfect for me and my family. Nadine knew it before I did!
Since then, every time I need real estate advice I contact her and she’s always available to help and assist in a protective way.
Thank you so much Nadine, for everything you did and do for me in the real estate’s field and for our long and precious friendship.
Pascale Moreau

A to Z and beyond for this 12 year client

Google review

First time using Nadine’s service to buy my first property in Calgary and best recommendation that I received ! She has tons of experience, great help and easily available to answer any questions or concerns. She goes above and beyond to make sure you are confident with your purchase. I am a happy home owner.

Chris Pham

Thrilled Nadine was recommended

Google review

Working with Nadine was a pleasure. She ensured our real estate transaction proceeded smoothly and successfully. Nadine is professional, knowledgeable, organized and can effectively deal with difficult timelines, the occasional hiccup or any other issue that comes along. I would recommend Nadine hands down. 

Magdalena Palka

Smooth transaction and 5-star service

Google review

(Translated by Google) We give 5 stars out of 5, but in reality it’s 10 stars out of 5!!!

For us it was a remote purchase (from Qc for AB).

In four days, we had found our ideal home!

What efficiency! We are extremely satisfied with all the services provided by Nadine Faule! Her availability, listening to our needs, advice, speed of execution, everything was explained to us very well, an outstanding service!!!

We highly recommend Nadine!!!

Lianne & Rene

It’s 10 Stars Out of 5 for This Relocation

Google review

(Translated by Google) A huge thank you to Nadine for everything she did to find us our little nest in Alberta. Incredible and very warm service. Listening to all our expectations, I recommend her without hesitation.

Thank you Nadine!

Veronique Faille

Birdies Find Their Nest in Alberta

Google review

We have worked with Nadine for over 2 decades and always appreciate her professionalism, knowledge, skill and hard work.
Lee Brocklebank

5 Stars from 20 Year Client

Google review

(Translated by Google) Nadine was amazing! We called on several real estate agents before her, and before Nadine, we did not feel this optimism, this sincerity and this dynamism that Nadine was able to transmit to us from our first meeting. She was able to find the right words and understand our needs so quickly that in a few days, we no longer had to detail our needs. With a few examples, she understood perfectly, as if she were looking for real estate for herself. Nadine put a lot of heart into advising us on the house that suits us best. As soon as we had found our ideal home, she encouraged and guided us. She was honest. We thought of buying our house several weeks or even several months after our meeting, because we were in no hurry and we preferred to wait for the right opportunity. Within a week, we had found our ideal home, and two days later, it was ours. This experience will remain engraved in our minds, and Nadine will remain our reference forever. I highly recommend her support to anyone looking to be in good hands when buying real estate.

Osama Amine

Amazing Experience for This Buyer

Google review

(Translated by Google) I recommend Nadine with my eyes closed! Purchase of my first condo in Calgary and  Nadine accompanied me from A to Z and advised me wonderfully. In addition, she also made me benefit from her network. A big thank-you.

Cynthia Chabi


French Connections Help Condo Buyer

Google review

Nadine is a very energetic and personable realtor. The home we purchased through her is perfect for us and our family. We have been here ever since. Nadine never gave up until we found the perfect place for us. As first time buyers, she was very helpful on keeping us informed of the procedures as to what had to be done. We would highly recommend her services.

Janne Rand

Happy First-Time Buyer

Facebook review

Nadine is a really fantastic realtor who I would recommend to anyone! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Her experience and expertise helped my boyfriend and I in buying our first home a few months ago! We felt extremely lucky to have such a great realtor on our side. She pointed out many things we wouldn’t have thought about during the house hunt, gave us great advice, and helped us to better understand the process. We felt she was always looking out for our best interest. We found a great condo in Cliff Bungalow that we LOVE. Thanks so much Nadine!!

Angeline Van Dongen

Excited First-Time Buyer

Facebook review

Nadine is an awesome realtor. She’s very informative when it came to selling our house. She always worked hard to get us the best deal. I totally trusted her to make the best deal for us. So thank you so much Nadine. I will recommend her to any one that’s wanting to sell or buy.

Filomena Simoes

Another Happy Seller

Facebook review

I HIGHLY recommend Nadine to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. I have bought three homes with Nadine and sold two. She has always gone above and beyond and done so with honesty and integrity. I trust that she always has my best interest in mind and has an incredible amount of industry knowledge. She is an amazing realtor. Thanks for everything Nadine!

Barbara French

20 Years a Client

Facebook review

(Translated by Google) I received a 5 ***** service with Nadine. On my first call she was out of the country on vacation. Well, 15 mts later I got a return call. She takes care of her business at all times. From that moment, I knew that I was dealing with someone competent. Even though I live 1 hour from her house, she did not hesitate for a second to take my case in hand. And yes, she is professional, involved and knows her stuff. She answers all questions without hesitation, she takes the lead and leaves nothing undone. Perfectly bilingual, she reassures us where we are weaker. I admire these types of people. Nadine THANK YOU for your excellent work and your speed. I only have good words for you.

Sylvie Simard

Excited Cochrane Buyer

Facebook review

(Translated by Google) I give Nadine 5 stars! My rare pearl!! Nadine is just fantastic! We bought our house in April 2015. I met Nadine via the internet. Always attentive to our needs. Within 3 days, she released a listing of houses with all the criteria we required to invest in a house here in Alberta. BINGO!!! We met her in person on Saturday with a warm welcome (croissants, coffee)… That same evening we were the owners of a magnificent house. Very sympathetic to the fact that we had some problems with the real estate jargon (because we speak French and the words are not always easy to understand. We invest for a life, you have to know what we are told!!) Even today 6 years later, she is still there for us. She guides us in case of questions, advises us…I really recommend her to everyone!!!

Caro Tiphonnet

Happy Okotoks Buyer

Facebook review

If you are looking to relocate and want an expert, I wholeheartedly recommend Nadine. We recently relocated to Calgary and were very new to the different area and communities. Nadine easily answered our extensive questions and was so helpful in finding our forever home! She was so knowledgeable about all aspects of our purchase experience. She is also a kind and thoughtful realtor. I explained that I had a severe allergy to perfumes and scents, she accommodated my request to be unscented during all our showings. She also continues to follow up with us to ensure we are happy and had no further questions. I am SO glad we chose Nadine to help us in our RELOCATION journey! I would (and have) recommended her!!! PS: I know have a mountain view to wake up to!

Heather Beztilny

Relocation from Edmonton

Facebook review

This agent is highly recommended! She has worked for us in all stages of research (thanks to her hyper-personalized site), responds extremely quickly to our questions! It’s like she was working just for us. Very organized, documents always clear, easy despite our distance (we leave Qc for AB). Her special touch is that she had unearthed a bilingual home inspector from her contacts, in addition to a bilingual lawyer (notarial deeds). They were also very professional. A nice bonus when you have the stress of a purchase outside the province. We recommend 10/10.

Alain and Danielle

Relocation from Quebec

Google review

(Translated by Google) Nadine accompanied us perfectly in our efforts to find our new home in Alberta. We were able to start our research from Quebec and as soon as we arrived in Calgary, Nadine had already planned all our visits. She was very attentive to our needs and always available. Very professional. I highly recommend her services.

Joseph Patrick Bouchard

Happy Quebec Relocation

Google review

Nadine was wonderful. She was extremely knowledge and provided excellent guidance and advice throughout the entire process which was very helpful for this rather novice home buyer. Communication was extremely prompt and clear.

Stacy Spence

Happy First-Time Buyer

Google review

My first encounter with Nadine was way back in 1995 when I first moved to Calgary. Finding a home to buy was difficult at first…Nadine answered my request and I trusted her almost immediately. Once I had made my decision, she took over the reins and handled everything from inspections to lawyers, leaving me to attend to my personal affairs. Thanks to Nadine’s professionalism and attention to detail, I have no qualms of recommending her to be your next realtor. Nadine has remained a good friend and advisor for many years now, and will remain so, as she is part of our family. 2 properties bought and sold with flawless honestly and integrity. (abbreviated)

Bob Neuman

Past Client of over 27 Years

Google review

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It’s not difficult to be dedicated to your job and to become an expert in your field when you’re passionate about what you do. l love to please people, I love real estate and can honestly say that becoming a realtor in 1993 is the best choice of career I could have ever made. My expertise, knowledge and passion for the public and real estate is reflected in my involvement with the Calgary Real Estate Board in the Investigation and Education committees. I am here to give a 5-star experience, to protect you and make your real estate experience memorable.

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