Condo Property Act Revisions

I recently read an awesome article by Condo Check discussing the impact of the amended Alberta Condominium Property Act and Condominium Property Regulation, which took effect in January 2020. These amendments necessitated updating condominium bylaws to reflect the new legislation. Many Condominium Corporations have revised their bylaws to include restrictions on short-term rentals, among other concerns relevant to buyers and owners. Notably, case law regarding AirBnB in condominiums has emerged, including a significant instance where an owner was fined $50,000 for operating an AirBnB despite warnings from the Condominium Corporation. This highlights the importance for prospective buyers to investigate short-term rental policies before finalizing their purchase if they plan to offer such rentals.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the ability of condominium boards to update their bylaws in 2020, leaving several Alberta condominiums with outdated regulations. Owners listed on the unit title are responsible for voting on proposed bylaw changes. During the sale process, it is essential for buyers to request a copy of any draft bylaws to understand the new requirements once approved and registered. It is important to note that registered bylaws are enforceable regardless of the year they were registered. Connect with me for more on the intricacies of buying a condominium and visit me on Facebook and Google!