Design Trends for 2023

Summer can be the perfect time to tackle some projects around the house and CREA has an article with some awesome design trends for 2023 for you to explore what might fit in with your own unique style. Trends are a great way to get some inspiration to update your home’s interior style! So, what’s hot for 2023?

Moody jewel tones. Use of colour can create a certain feeling in a space, says the blog, and the dark, moody colours trending for 2023 can create an intimate cozy feeling, while still maintaining sophistication. Rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue and chocolate brown are the current top tones and can be paired with lighter colours or wood tones to create amazing contrast.

Mixing wood tones. Wood has a warm, natural quality that can make your space feel more inviting and there are so many different tones to choose from – don’t be afraid to mix tones. Incorporating oak in your cabinetry, furniture or flooring is one option for a variety of styles from modern farmhouse to Scandinavian. Cedar is a classic for both furniture and wall cladding. For a budget-friendly option, pine is a great choice for rustic, contemporary and modern-style interiors. Cherry wood is an ideal choice for exterior spaces like balconies and patios because it resists decay.

Luxurious fabrics. For creating an atmosphere of opulence and refinement, silks, velvets and brocades are great choices however less is more when adding these kinds of finishings. A velvet couch, silk throw or luxurious curtains can make the most impact.

Bold statement stone. Slabs of stone can make quite an impact when used in flooring, countertops, backsplashes and showers. It can get expensive to include this look you can always start with a coffee table or fireplace surround to add some visual interest to the room.

Art deco. This design movement, originating in the 1920s is making a comeback due to its unique and eye-catching style. It is characterized by its use of geometric shapes, bold colours, zig zag patterns, metallic finishes and sleek lines. Geometric wallpaper, gold-trimmed mirrors, a starburst coffee table or animal print runner are easy ways to add art deco to your interior.

Intentional rooms and spaces. Moving away from the completely open-concept floor plans, people are now looking for more privacy or rooms dedicated to a specific purpose. Communal areas can be tough to take a work call in since work-from-home has become more common so you will see a greater number of intentional spaces designed for things like home offices, wellness rooms and craft rooms.

Random trends. Homes offices are popular for those needing a dedicated space for focus. Double kitchen islands are big for those who love to entertain. The “costal grandma” trend was big in 2022 and carried into 2023 – this comfort, coziness, pastoral patterns and rural artwork. Alcoves and niches are making a comeback as a space-saving place to showcase artwork and sculptures. Thrifting and upcycling is hot – check out a consignment store or antique market to pick up some unique pieces.

No matter how you might include current trends in your space refresh, have fun with it and like the blog says, be fearless when it comes to mixing and matching different styles, furniture and accessories. Check out the full blog here and happy designing! Visit me on Facebook and Google!