Fluent French Services Can Help Ease the Moving Process

Sometimes when I’m working with relocating clients, my thoughts drift back to when I was the one journeying to a new home, fresh to Canada from my native France and in unfamiliar territory. It was both amazing and overwhelming and it was the connections I made on my arrival that helped lay the foundation for my future in Calgary. Over the decades here my roots have grown tremendously and I’ve been lucky to become a connection for those coming to our beautiful city, many of those French-speaking.

While there are many people who speak French in Alberta, I’ve been told it was difficult to find French-speaking real estate professionals. Facing a language barrier is difficult at the best of times but when dealing with the most significant, and often complicated, financial decision of one’s life – YOUR HOME – the importance of support in the process has never been higher. This is one of the many reasons I offer all of my services and supports (contracts, website, advertising and content) completely in French. Connections.

Not surprisingly, many studies have shown that being able to receive customer support and perform transactions in a person’s first language reduces the stress and greatly increases the positivity of the experience. In the cases of written agreements, such as a Purchase Contract, having the ability to read the documents themselves, instead of having a 3rd party translate, empowers clients with the information they need to realize their goals, with guidance from their professionals of course.

There is an amazing French community in Calgary and surrounding areas – I have a blog which focuses on just that – which I am blessed to be a part of. Connections just waiting to be built by you…along with the home of your dreams. Visit me on Facebook and Google!