Fun Canadian Real Estate Facts

For some Friday fun I thought I’d share some neat Canadian real estate facts, as posted on CREA café.

Old Quebec is the last walled city north of Mexico. The historic district was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and includes at least 11 different architectural styles.

No one locks their doors in Churchill, Manitoba. Why? Polar bears roam freely in town and unlocked doors ensures residents can make a quick escape if they encounter an unruly bear.

Most people in Canada live within two hours of the US border. 90% of us are close to our US neighbours due to high populations in condensed urban centres like Toronto and Vancouver.

Little House in Toronto. Before tiny homes were a fad, a Canadian built what was considered the first of its like. About 300 sq ft, the owner lived there with his family for 20 years.

The Half House. Built in the 1890’s, this home looks like it was cut in half by a laser because one of the owners refused a developers offer in the 1950’s.

Vancouver Island’s Hucuktlis Lake is the rainiest place in North America. The are set this record in 1997 with 9,307 millimeters of rain over 252 days. Bring your umbrella!

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