Low-cost Ways to Improve Your Home’s Interior

Have you ever looked around your house and felt a little uninspired? Whether you are thinking of selling or not, a room refresh can go far to improve not only your mood but the experience others have when visiting your home.

Now I’m not talking renovations here – though I do cover that topic in another blog – but easy, inexpensive ways to elevate your interior with little elbow grease! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Declutter/accessorize the space: start with removing any items you don’t need or don’t fit with your vision. Donate. Discard. Repeat. Keep the pieces you love as highlights making sure to keep all windows, entrances and cupboards free of barriers to establish a flow. Fill any gaps with functional new pieces, thrift stores are a treasure trove of goodies – aim for neutral décor with accent pieces. Utilize the right storage techniques for the job, tucking away your cords and storing your stuff goes far to make the space visually pleasing and eliminates potential tripping hazards.
  • Lighting and hardware: look for fixtures, lamps and bulbs that set the ambiance you are looking for, while providing adequate lighting for the space. Functional and decorative pieces are fun accessories and head back to that thrift store for some unique items. Hardware is like jewellery for your home, going for a metallic finish that matches the flooring or cupboards or choosing a bright accent colour to make things pop are popular options. Choose a durable style to keep up with wear and tear.
  • Odors: we spend so much time in our space that we sometimes don’t recognize the natural odors in our home. Creating that “open window fresh” helps foster good health and mental well-being. Using the most natural option, when possible, like cedar chips in the closets or flowers in the kitchen, will bring the outdoors in and are functional as well. More and more companies are offering more natural options to freshening and cleaning products so you can keep your home smelling delightful without harmful chemicals in the air and on surfaces. Finally, BAKE! Good for your soul & tummy and leaves an amazing aroma.

It doesn’t need to be time-consuming or expensive to make your place pop. Just a few little touches and not only will your house get a major facelift but it will be in prime condition for a showing and potential sale. Visit me on Facebook and Google!