Moving and your pet

Moving can be stressful enough for people so you can only imagine how it must feel for your pets! Making the transition as safe and easy as possible for your little roommates doesn’t take too much planning and will help your minis settle in to your new home with ease.


Pets know the routine, and will already know something is up during the packing process, but try to keep their routine as normal as possible until moving day. If they aren’t used to being in a car or crate, spend some time in the weeks before carrying them around in the crate or taking short car rides. If your pet is particularly anxious, reach out to your vet to see if there is a product that can take the edge off.


If you are moving out of the area of your current vet, advise them so you can take records and any medications with you to your new vet. Do some research on vets in your new neighbourhood, online reviews are an awesome resource. Also, set a reminder to update your pet’s tag/microchip info with your new address.

Prepare an overnight kit which has enough food, litter, toys and grooming accessories to keep your pet going on moving day and the first couple days of unpacking.

On the big day, keep your animals in a quiet room or at a friend or family member’s home while your things are being loaded up. The last thing you want to deal with during a move is a missing fur baby and even the most confidents pets can be unsettled during the process.

Move the house before you move in your pet. If possible, set up a room with familiar items – toys or their blanket – for them to slowly adjust to the new surroundings. Don’t set them loose right away as an unfamiliar space can be overwhelming; gradually introduce them to other rooms.

Follow these tips and your fur friends will be enjoying their new home sweet home in no time. Join me on Facebook and Google and check out my other blogs for other articles on how to make your move!