Relocating to Calgary – The Rental Reality

I handle a LOT of relocations and the shortage of properties for sale is presenting unique challenges for those wanting to make Calgary home. It’s important that you are aware of the reality and have a plan in place before you buy your ticket to come.

If timing is vital for your move, like having to start a new job, Air B&Bs are good for the short term but you might have to consider renting while looking for your new home. Knowing how property management (rentals) are handled in Calgary is key.

We aren’t like Toronto, Vancouver or New York with rental listings being very prominent in the real estate market or on the MLS® System. In Alberta, you actually need a separate license to handle property management and the rental market so you will find that the majority of agents don’t offer rental services as they aren’t licensed for that practice.

When looking for a home for sale, you would look at and be on a personalized search of the internal system directly from me. If you are looking for rentals, the absolute best option to you is You can save yourself so much time by searching this site instead of contacting the property management companies directly…they all advertise on this site anyway so it is your one-stop-shop for the rentals available in Calgary. Some will also use Kijiji or Facebook marketplace as a backup but 99% of the time you will find the same listing on Rentfaster.

When it comes to condos, while complexes may allow pets it is usually “upon board approval” and there can be restrictions on size, weight, number and even breed to contend with. Landlords looking at applications in the rental market will often favour pet-free applications with the Calgary Humane Society seeing a massive rise in pet surrenders due to rental restrictions. Global Calgary featured the issue not long ago with heartbreaking tales of renters looking for homes that will accept their pet

I recently dealt with a buyer who wanted to move to Calgary with their dog. After explaining the reality, especially as it pertains to buying or renting a condo with a pet companion, I was told I shattered their dreams. Devastating for me to hear, but I simply can’t do magic – I can only advise you of the reality of the Calgary market to help you make the best decision for you and your family. I pour my heart and soul into helping each and every person who contacts me and I want to help make your dreams come true.

But don’t give up on your pets just yet! I am an avid animal love myself and couldn’t imagine having to leave my beloved Australian Shepard, Toby, behind. You just need to be aware and prepared that it might take a little longer for you to find a rental for you AND your furry family. And I will be working hard beside you to find that forever home to make your root in beautiful Calgary. Visit me on Facebook and Google for more information to help with your move!