Relocating? Where to start

Deciding to relocate to another city is one of the most exciting adventures you can take and in 2022 I helped a record number of people coming to our awesome province. While it can be stressful, there are so many positives when moving like experiencing a new city, their unique culture, meeting new people and creating new memories.

I’ve found there are tricks to help make sure your move goes smooth and it starts with a solid plan. Start planning as soon as the decision is made. Though it may sound basic, check-lists are an awesome way to stay on track…as well as gain the satisfaction of ticking off each item one by one. From what you need with you on moving day, items you need to purchase when you arrive, services to change or set-up and even goals for exploring your new city – lists can bring you peace of mind and help ensure the minimal amount of surprises along the way.

Keep track of your finances through-out the move. The short-term expenses of moving can add up so make a comprehensive budget with some wiggle-room for the unexpected. Having some extra savings as a cushion will both help reduce the stress if you do need to spend on a random expense and it will also give you a little something to experience some of the activities your new city has to offer.

Research your new city and its communities well before you go and before you commit to a purchase if possible. While I can tell you so much about Calgary and all it has to offer, a little online snooping will really give you an idea of what communities offer. Looking for a more urban feel? Kensington or Bridgeland might be the hub for you. You are a nature lover? Maybe the communities along Fish Creek Park would feel like home to you. You can also put your mind at ease by figuring out your new commute time or finding the best route to the gym you’ve found.

Use forums and reviews to find out what the schools are like, what restaurants are popular or where the best bike paths in the area are. Residents are usually eager to share all the awesome stuff their city has to offer and are happy to answer questions. And you just might find a new social circle or two before you even touch ground!

Consider this as an opportunity to really evaluate your possessions – what do you really want and need to take with you? What new items might help create your new environment in the way you want? The less you pack, the less expensive of a move and the easier it will be to settle in. Think about the long term and take this chance to refresh how you live.

While you might be leaving some friends or family, this is an awesome chance to meet new people so make a commitment to yourself to be social. Try a networking event at work, attend meetups for newcomers organized online – start conversations when you arrive and you might be surprised how willing people are to connect, especially when you are new to the city. Prepare to explore your new home, do some research to see what venues or attractions you want to check out and do it.

There are so many exciting opportunities that come when you are relocating. From meeting new people, experiencing new food and places, the possibilities are endless if you have the right attitude and willingness to explore. And I’ll be there every step of the way, not only with finding you the perfect new home to start your next adventure, but where you can find the best tacos and live music in Calgary (Mikey’s on 12th!). Visit me on Facebook and Google to be a part of the action!