Staging for Sellers

There are lots of things to think about when you are preparing to list your home for sale. One aspect of the pre-listing plan that is one of the most vital is surprisingly absent in some of the listings I see with my buyers – staging.

First impressions are extremely important and staging allows prospective buyers to visualize themselves living in the home – presenting the property in its very best form from the beginning will attract the most buyers and help with a quick sale.

You can hire a professional stager and virtual staging services popped up during the pandemic however I am happy to walk you through it all and even have some props you can use to make your home ready for its big debut!

Since so many factors influence a sale, we will go over every feature to see where you can make tweaks on everything from curb appeal to lighting, to colour schemes, to space utilization and even the smell of the home. We’ll cover every inch!

Starting with showcasing the home’s space, we will assess the furniture and “knick-knacks” and I’ll make suggestions on what you will want to pack up, as well as what I could add, for maximum impact. Too much furniture or clutter can suffocate a room and obstruct flow so we will keep it clean and simple. We will look at lighting to make sure it is bright and inviting for the buyer.

Next, we will get to the depersonalization. Of course, you are still living in your home but this is the time to concentrate on removing personal items in order to appeal to the largest demographic of potential buyers. Packing away things like photos, collections, off-season clothing, extra toys and religious articles will allow the buyer to envision their own stuff in the space easily.

Complete those minor renovations that have been on your to-do list. Little touch ups here and there reduce the items the buyer will have to add to their “to-do” list if they buy your home. This is particularly important when it comes to the exterior of your home. Buyers tend to judge a house by the outside. If they don’t find the exterior appealing, they might not even go inside and just move on to the next one. A little bit of paint and tightening of screws could go a long way to impress a buyer.

This is also the time to make sure your home is as squeaky clean as possible. Tidy and scrub areas you might not always think about – like the furnace room, baseboards, inside cupboards and vents. Not only will your home look well-cared for but it will also help create a clean smell which buyers appreciate. Smell is also important to buyers to try not to use overpowering scents when showing – consider baking some chocolate chip cookies ahead of the viewing to create a homey feel.

Finally, I will get a professional photographer with a talent for lighting, angles and shadows to maximize the initial buzz when the listing goes live – making all your efforts pay off. In my experience, homes that show well, and are well maintained, sell faster and for more money…and that’s our goal. Visit me on Facebook and Google to be part of the action!