A to Z and beyond for this 12 year client

I’ve been working with Nadine for more than a decade and I have to say there are many great adjectives that apply to her.
Nadine is extremely knowledgeable and knows the real estate industry «comme sa poche »! She is very professional, energetic, determined, dedicated, assertive, optimistic, organized, efficient, caring, intuitive…. and fun.
When Nadine takes care of you she accompanies you from A to Z and beyond.
When I was ready to buy my house, Nadine put a lot of heart into advising me on the house that would suit me the best. I was very nervous and anxious and she encouraged and guided me, finding the right words and explaining things at length to reassure me.
The home I purchased 12 years ago was and still remains perfect for me and my family. Nadine knew it before I did!
Since then, every time I need real estate advice I contact her and she’s always available to help and assist in a protective way.
Thank you so much Nadine, for everything you did and do for me in the real estate’s field and for our long and precious friendship.
Pascale Moreau