Exemplary experience, professionalism and dedication for this buyer

(Translated by Google) I can say we received royal treatment from start to finish.

From our first exchanges in Quebec, Nadine made herself available without hesitation to carry out our research and understood our need to find a living space for our young daughter who was leaving Quebec to settle alone in Calgary for her university studies.

Nadine took charge of our daughter, Amélie, like her own daughter and found the ideal nest for us. Her dedication, her flexibility to the point that she reorganized her schedule to accommodate us, allowed us to target our choices and make the most of our visits to the four corners of the city.

Nadine accompanied us from A to Z, even after our return to Quebec. Leaving Amélie (our daughter) behind us, we were confident that Nadine’s dedication would facilitate the signatures with the lawyer and the crucial steps until taking possession of the residence.

Nadine’s bilingualism is another considerable asset. Having Nadine by our side also removed the language barrier. Nadine took the time to explain to us the official documents that needed to be signed, the legal terms in English which can sometimes be scary.

Nadine’s experience, professionalism and dedication are exemplary. Without hesitation, I intend to recommend Nadine to my family, acquaintances and friends. By the way, we also intend to sell Amélie’s apartment as soon as she finishes university, Nadine is of course our first choice.

Nadine, once again, thank you for your remarkable help 🙂

Josee Dube