Time to winterize!

It’s true, the cold snaps are coming and fall is the best time to start winterizing. Taking these steps to protect your home from the elements will not only help keep your home warm and cozy for the season but will also lower your winter heating costs.

Replace your air filter. Putting in a new, clean air filter is easy and ensures a free flow of air, keeping each room toasty efficiently.

Insulate your pipe. Many homes have trouble spots when it comes to pipes and may require additional insulation to avoid costly bursts. Purchase a pipe-sleeve or use newspaper as a quick fix.

Weatherproof windows and doors.  Even small cracks around windows and doors will allow warm air to escape and allow the prairie winter in. Low cost, winter-friendly fixes include patching with caulking or weather-proof strips to prevent leaks. Adding energy-efficient window coverings to reduce drafts is also a great option.

Reverse your ceiling fans.  An easy way to reduce heating costs and let your fan help spread the warmth. Set your fan to rotate in a clockwise direction to spread the warm air near the ceiling down into the room.

Keep south-facing windows open. A natural way to heat your home using daylight, saving your heating system some work. Let the sun shine in during the day and close the blinds at night to limit drafts.

Seal your fireplace. Fireplaces can be notoriously drafty so closing it up when you aren’t using it is key. Keep the damper closed, upgrade to glass fireplace doors or even consider a fireplace “stopper”…think sink-stopper for your hearth.

Check for carbon monoxide leaks. While this isn’t exactly winterizing your home, it’s an important part of safety during the cold Alberta winters. Carbon monoxide can be easily detected with a battery-power unit and have proved to be lifesavers.

These are just a few of the quick improvements that you can easily make to ensure a cozy holiday…and save a few bucks for some festivities! Call me anytime to chat about home improvements you can make or for any of your real estate needs. And don’t forget to visit me on Facebook and Google!