Understanding Buyer Needs & Wants – for Sellers

When selling your home, it is so important to really understand current buyers – what makes them tick, what are their needs versus their wants. In a previous blog I wrote for buyers we talked about the questions buyers need to ask themselves to help drill down what they need in a home and community and find their perfect home.

Let’s go into the mind of your potential buyer and see where your home might sit on their wish-list. Here is the list of questions they will be asking themselves when considering your property:

  • What do you see yourself doing in this home? They may want a home that has lots of space for entertaining or a house that has lots of storage for outdoor gear.
  • Where do you need the location of this home to be? They may need a home close to school, transit or work. Perhaps to be close to your family and friends or take advantage of the amenities in the new lake community.
  • What style of home are you wanting? Large suburban house, condo, townhouse…what’s your style?
  • What can I afford? Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is their first step. This will determine what price point they are realistically starting the search at.
  • What do you need and want to have for amenities around you? Being close to a particular school, medical facility or having your favorite grocery store in the area are some considerations. Maybe they want to be able to walk or bike to these amenities.
  • When you envision yourself in your new home, how does that home make you feel? This may seem odd but trust me, after decades in real estate I’ve learned it is essential to understand the emotional meaning of “home”. Sometimes we can’t logically justify a house but we still know it is home.

The buyer is giving thought to not only the home features themselves but their lifestyle, affordability and the neighbourhoods that suit their needs. Understanding buyers can help you position your home in the best possible light to attract the right buyers in a shorter amount of time.

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