Unusual Regulations Across Canada

Having a general understanding of the regulations and bylaws in your city is important – they let you know what is and isn’t allowed but there are some particularly odd ones on the books that you might not expect. Here are some of the most unusual bylaws from all across Canada…

  • In Souris, Prince Edward Island you can’t build a snowman taller than 30 inches on a corner lot. Originally brought in to prevent people’s views being impeded, the town is in the middle of updating the bylaw.
  • In Alberta, the Occupational Health and Safety Code says you can’t paint a wooden ladder. You’ll need to use a transparent protective coating so you can still see the actual condition of the ladder.
  • Throughout Canada there is an odd law regarding paying for purchases with coins. You are only allowed to use a max of 25 loonies and only 5 quarters at one time – though you won’t see this one enforced too often.
  • Own a parrot in Oak Bay, BC? You could get fined $100 if it talks too loudly.
  • Oshawa, Ontario has your safety in mind and has a law banning climbing trees on municipal property.
  • Want to eat ice cream on Sundays? Not on Bank Street in Ottawa, Ontario – eat your ice cream indoors on that day.
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia wants their taxi drivers to be neat and tidy at all times and prohibits wearing a t-shirt on the job.
  • If you want to hold a garage sale in Toronto, Ontario, keep it to a maximum of 2 as that is your yearly limit.
  • In Ponoka, Alberta, you can’t build a mud hut or a house with a straw roof, sorry little pigs!
  • Coloured margarine is illegal in Quebec.

There are so many more examples of weird and wacky laws out there and this CREA articles covers some more as well as debunk some of the bylaw myths out there. https://www.creacafe.ca/some-of-the-most-unusual-bylaws-across-canada-homeowners-should-know-about/ Is there an unusual bylaw in your area? Comment below to share and join me on Facebook and Google for more fun and informative real estate blogs!