You just found your dream home…now what?

This is the most exciting part! It’s time to write your offer with exactly the terms and condition that suits your needs. We will go through the Alberta Real Estate Association offer to purchase clause by clause to make sure you not only understand everything but to also protect you and your interests. An offer to purchase is valid, legally binding agreement so having a well-written contract with terms & conditions which protect you is crucial!

I’ve noticed over the decades that most people list their home expecting to negotiate so often room for negotiation is there. Knowing a property’s time listed on the market and neighbourhood prices is valuable when negotiating…I will turn every stone to find all the details possible on the property. This includes things like researching the title on the home, looking at similar sold comparables in the area and more.

I will be assisting you through the entire buyer experience, making sure you have all the information at hand to make the right decisions which will help get you the best purchase price for your new home. Once your offer is fully written, reviewing it together to make sure you are satisfied is the last step before sending it to the seller for acceptance.

This can be the most nail-biting part of the whole process! It’s so hard to be patient when waiting to hear if you’ve secured your dream home but keep in mind negotiating an offer can take a few hours or even a day or two depending on the situation. I always stay close to the phone during negotiations and update you immediately on any developments. And next thing you know, I’m calling to tell you that you did it – it’s yours! Visit me on Facebook and Google!