Buyers Guide

October 27,23

What is a stigmatized property?

The time for ghoulies and ghosts is almost here but have you ever thought about whether that home you are considering making an offer on might have a spooky resident already?? A “haunted home” is what we call a stigmatized property in the industry and…

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August 2,23

CBC National Visits my Open House

I am frequently approached by various new organizations for my insight on the real estate market in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Most recently, it was CBC National who came to visit my open house! Check out the coverage here and connect with me for…

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May 26,23

Advice for homebuyers just starting out

Buying a home is most likely the biggest investment you will make in your life and there are lots of things to consider during the process. Where should you buy? What price range should you look at? When should you make a move? These are…

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September 27,22

Staging for Sellers

There are lots of things to think about when you are preparing to list your home for sale. One aspect of the pre-listing plan that is one of the most vital is surprisingly absent in some of the listings I see with my buyers –…

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June 13,22

Common Buyer Conditions

Chances are, your offer, which was just accepted by the sellers, is conditional to financing and home inspection. These 2 conditions are very common and highly recommended to protect your best interests in the purchase. Even though you are already formally pre-approved for a mortgage,…

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May 30,22

Needs and Wants – Buying with Confidence

You’ve been dreaming of making a move, thinking about all the possibilities, but which path to take? Before you even start shopping, taking the time to identity your wants and needs can go a long way to narrowing your search criteria and will bring you…

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May 27,22

The Differences Between Being Pre-approved and Pre-qualified

Buyer: Yes, I’ve been pre-approved. Me: Pre-approved or pre-qualified? Buyer: What is the difference? A conversation I’ve had with many buyers and it is so important that you understand the difference between a pre-approval and a pre-qualification so you don’t hit an unnecessary road block…

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May 19,22

Fluent French Services Can Help Ease the Moving Process

Sometimes when I’m working with relocating clients, my thoughts drift back to when I was the one journeying to a new home, fresh to Canada from my native France and in unfamiliar territory. It was both amazing and overwhelming and it was the connections I…

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