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September 12,23

The best time of year to buy a house

I’m often asked when the “best” time of year is to buy a house in Calgary. Seasonal timing is actually a factor to consider, along with current prices, market, inventory and interest rates. I have my preferred timeframes but let’s go over the pros and…

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September 5,23

Time to winterize!

It’s true, the cold snaps are coming and fall is the best time to start winterizing. Taking these steps to protect your home from the elements will not only help keep your home warm and cozy for the season but will also lower your winter…

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September 1,23

August sees record-high sales amidst historic low inventory pushing prices higher

Thanks to a surge in the condominium market, August sales reached a record high with 2,729 sales. Despite the record levels reported over the past several months, year-to-date sales are still down by 15 per cent compared to last year. While new listings did improve…

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August 8,23

What does low inventory mean for you?

The Calgary real estate market has been dealing with a declining inventory for some time now, meaning there aren’t enough home listed to keep up with buyer demand. If you are planning on buying or selling anytime soon, it’s important for you to understand what…

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August 1,23

Calgary home prices reach new heights: July sees seventh consecutive monthly gain

Rising rates had little impact on sales this month as the 2,647 sales represented a year-over-year gain of 18 per cent, reflecting the strongest July levels reported on record. The record-setting pace has been driven mainly by significant gains in the relatively affordable apartment condominium…

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July 25,23

How Tech is Changing the Real Estate Industry

Ever-evolving technology is revolutionizing the world and the real estate industry is no exception. Apps, digital signatures, smart homes and virtual reality viewings are just some of the new innovations shaping the emerging digital shift. But this doesn’t mean real estate agents are going to…

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July 11,23

What a seller is looking for – other than money!

When in a seller’s market, like Calgary is experiencing right now, being prepared to offer full-price is probably the reality you are facing. Of course, money talks when preparing your offer to a seller but is one piece of the puzzle - there are actually…

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June 1,23

May sales reach a record high

Thanks to a significant gain in apartment condominium sales, May sales rose to 3,120, a new record high for the month. While the monthly gains have not outweighed earlier declines, this does reflect a shift from the declines reported at the start of the year.…

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May 23,23

Signs you should sell your home soon

It can be tough to make the decision to sell your home but if you know how to read the signs, it can be so much easier to commit to making the move. There are a lot of factors at play, so let’s break down…

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May 19,23

Most Googled real estate questions – answered!

Google can be incredibly helpful for so many things – from cooking to health to the latest trends, many turn to this powerful tool for the information they need. And real estate questions are no exception! So, here are some of the most frequently Googled…

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